Multidea Lab

New project that is being developed. Main goal of this project is to create a perfect multi-touch decision for different business missions. Multimedia constantly invests in the evolution of innovations and product improvement.

The solution is multi-touch board,  software, designing, photo and video contribution, additional reality, 3D cards, animation and other things which create the wow-effect for the user. 

Main goal is to change principles of communication and staff involvement in business.

The team of Multimedia drafters works daily producing interactive boards and sensor panels with the 4K UltraHD screen quality. These working surfaces are made on request of Canada for testing. They could be used not only in the offices but also in crowded places. 

For using software with high system enquiries Multimedia offers professional version of interactive board with developed composition of embedded computer.

For effective use of multi-touch products, Multidea has drawn up a list of solutions, which enable to disclose all the potential of sensor technology. Among them: real estate sales offices, car dealerships, showrooms, museums, scientific labs, universities, art exhibitions, etc.