MedTech Lab

The development of software for medical equipment and the medical equipment itself starts in the Synergy park.

Nowadays, the IT sphere is present in all spheres of life and with the help of computers, you can solve various problems, including medical ones. The main objective of this project is to help doctors and patients to solve everyday issues related to medicine much more effectively with the help of new software and hardware.

Now it will be much easier to diagnose diseases and disorders. First of all, we focus on innovation and efficiency. Today, modern medical devices have made the transition to digital devices based on the use of computer technology.

The use of modern software, which is being developed on the basis of a science park, makes it possible to increase the accuracy of measurements made to create electronic archives of research results, transmit information over a distance, and also carry out data processing using special medical research analysis programs.


Projects MedTech Lab Synergy aimed at improving the effectiveness of instrumental methods of diagnosis, prediction, treatment and monitoring of patients.

What is medical equipment? This is electrical, electronic equipment which is used in medical practice.  There are professional ones that are used in clinical, hospital conditions as well as there is home medical equipment, which can be used by anyone.