Data Science Lab

Data science lab is a special project with equipment for specific tasks of concurrent and distributed computing, Big Data, imprecise calculations, processing of images and more.

Learning about methods of Data Science, solving Big Data problems, developing IT area, working on relevant projects, communicating with interesting people, debating passionately and discussing right decisions, studying, career advancing and simple submersion in a world of AI.

In September 2018 at the base of KNURE has been created a problematic science group “data mining” (data science). The main goal of creating this science group was an establishment of the modern-day association of students, postgraduate students, young scientists, representatives of IT industry for the popularization of domestic science and promoting it on the world’s market. 

Since the science group has been created, at least 20 conferences on Data Science were held, with the participation of foreign professionals.

Data Science group isn’t limited. It is opened for anyone who desires to participate, who studies or works in this area. 

Data Science it’s the multidisciplinary area. It includes science methods, processes and systems which are related to getting knowledge from the data in many ways, well-structured or unstructured. Data science it’s the continuation of some sectors of analysis of data, like statistics, classification, clustering, machine learning, data mining and analytics. 

International activities, conferences, workshops, events- are priority areas of the NURE Data Science workshop.