And finally it happens!

On the 9th of April has been opened our science park “Synergy”.

We have at last achieved the goal that we’ve been chasing for 3 years. 4 computer rooms, a cinema, an auditorium and some ordinary classrooms where now you can study with pleasure.

1500 square metres space where everyone can get this new see of themselves and try something new. To mark the opening we’ve been visited by the governor of Kharkiv Regions, rectors of other universities, representors of different countries and a lot of other special guests. Everyone could dive into park’s atmosphere. A big excursion was held where our guests could try everything by themselves: glasses of virtual reality, sensor boards for studying and computer classrooms. We couldn’t imagine that our event would gather so much people!
Thanks to this we could cooperate the work with other countries and companies. 

So the “Synergy” is the perfect place for conferences, hackathons and meet ups.


“Synergy” is the place for your development.

Did you know that this is the only one science park in Ukraine which entered into IASP(international association of science parks)? This is just another reason why you should choose our park.