The Sounce project, together with the Science Park, reached the Final

While on vacation, the Sounce team with their AI Hachathon project was organized as part of the TechTalents project at Synergy Science Park, invited to the University Startup World Cup 2019 finals to be held in Copenhagen on October 30 on November 1st.

The user can point the camera of the phone at a person with special needs to record his gestures on the video, and the application will process the video by splitting it into frames, select the ones depicting the gesture, process them and output the result – translation into the language of the user. Stepan, Pylypenko Sergiy, Anna Vozhrivy, Yukhimenko Valentina te Isaev Elvira and project coordinator Victoria Tzokoti and project supervisor Alexei Turuti success in competitions and we wish to represent Kharkiv National University with dignity t electronics!

Our students will introduce an application that is a versatile sign language translator.

“Sounce” was created to help people with limited hearing and speech abilities, especially children who still do not read and write well, and can also be extremely useful for the staff of various service providers.