Cisco Incubator Program

Are you inspired by new technology and computer programming ?
Do you want to meet real Cisco engineers?
Do you want to know more about Cisco if you like to work with it?
Do you want to know which opportunities can Cisco give for maintaining students?

Program of Cisco engineer incubator it’s the program of employment into Cico company on the position of system engineer (In the global Cisco technology support center in Krakow, Poland).

The program is for the students of 3 to 6 year of university. When the student passes the selection into this program he spends a year in Kiev and then passes the selection for the second time directly to Poland. 


Plan for the event:
-From 1 pm to  2 pm – presentation of  “Cisco Incubator Program 7.0”
-From 2 pm to 3 pm – presentation of “Machine learning”

Cisco Incubator Program - embody your dreams in reality!

Cisco’s Engineer Incubator Program is a job placement program for Cisco Systems Engineer.