AI Hackathon

18-19 May 2019 in the science park “Synergy”  is taking place a hackathon with the support of TechTalents.

Directions in which hackathon will be held:

– AI ( Artificial intellect )
– Data Science
– Computer vision
– Natural-Language processing 

During 24 hours the team has to create its own project. Hackathon gives the opportunity to work in team, communicate with experts in different areas and train your abilities in public speaking.

We invite people who are interested in computer programming to participate.

Conditions for participation:

-the team must contain 3 to 5 people
-the team must contain both genders


*For those who search for the team- register and indicate that you have no team. We will create it for you. 


Registration of participants:

Participation as a mentor, fill in the form:

May 18-19 at AI Hackathon with TechTalents support!

We are waiting for you at the Science Park Synergy in Hakaton!