Spring is not only spring

Kir Blumkin – an outstanding Java Teacher and Software Engineer who works at Grid Dynamics (California, USA) on June 8th to the Science Park.

You will learn, first-hand, how to work with Spring in the valley, saving time and how to improve your efficiency in the company.


-Date: June 8
-Place: conference hall of Science Park “Synergy” (14 Nauki Avenue, Kharkiv, building “I”, 6 floor)
-Time: 10:00-15:30
-Coffee break: 12:30 – 13:00
-Cost: 300 UAH.




Learn along with SYNERGY!

Framework is something like a library, but there is one point. Roughly speaking, using a library, you simply create the class objects that it has, cause the methods you need, and thus get the result you want. The framework works a bit differently. You just write some of your classes, prescribe some kind of logic there, and creates objects of your classes and calls the methods for you is already the framework itself.