Workshops “NURE Data Science”

Workshop “NURE Data Science” is held every Thursday in the audience 608.

The head of the program is Kirill Smelyakov – the professor of the Department “Electronic Computing Machines”.

The main purposes of the workshop are to discuss current trends in the development of Data Science methodology and training, to find effective solutions to problems and to carry out promising projects in the field of Data Science.

Nowadays, the main areas of R&D – Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in addition to the tasks of Computer Vision, Diagnostics, Fog Computing.

Major Applied Areas:
-pattern recognition
-search services such as “Search by Image”
-thermal non-destructive testing
-Identification of information abnormalities
-hidden patterns
-build applications and optimize existing data for large dimensions
Creation and integration of CRM systems.

Basic projects which the team of NURE Data Science are cooperating with:
-Improvement image quality
-Detection /recognition /vectorization of objects in the image
-Development of search engine search items by Image
-Development of medical diagnostic systems
-Estimation of energy losses and the search for anomalies
-Creating CRM systems.

Workshop page:

We invite to participate in the seminar NURE Data Science: scientists, graduate students and masters of the University, representatives of the IT industry

In order to develop the  IT-scientific sector and increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the relevant projects, the team of NURE Data Science has started cooperation with the Science Park “Synergy” in KNURE. The team offers a number of promising programs for cooperation with other IT companies in Ukraine. Mainly, in terms of training / advanced training of staff and implementation of innovative projects in the field of Data Science.