AI Hackathon

AI Hackathon, sponsored by TechTalents, will be held in the Science Park “Synergy” on May 18-19.

Directions for hackathon:
Artificial Intelligence;
•Data Science;
•Computer vision;
•Natural language processing.

Within 24 hours the team must create its own project. Hackaton will give you an opportunity to work in a team, talk with expert consultants in various fields and improve your speaker skills.

We invite to participate: Youth of any kind of employment and professions who takes a deep interest in computer science and advanced data processing systems.

Terms of participation:
– team from 3 to 5 people;
– gender diversity (the team should consist of boys and girls).


* Information for participants who are looking for a team – register and mark that you have no team. From these participants we will gather teams in place, or join to those who do not have enough people.

Deadline for applications: Applications are accepted until April 30, 2019.

Participation as a mentor, fill in the form:

Registration of participants: