Social Media Marketing

COURSE START 09/09/2019
Days: Wednesday, Friday 18:00-20:00
Left places: 15 of 15
2000 uah/month
Duration 2 month

What awaits you on the course?

SMM Courses

SMM is part of a marketing strategy that is based on promoting a product by the way of social networks, for instance through Instagram or Facebook. During the course, professional lecturers will explain to you the fundamental principles of advancement through social networks. You'll learn how to promote your Instangram and other social networks and build an active audience that can help you to create a recognizable brand. In addition, many lectures will be devoted to the formation of a strategy. It will be the foundation of a marketing company in social media and will be aimed at promoting the product on Facebook and other social networks.

Whom the course is aimed SMM?

The course is aimed at entrepreneurs and ordinary users of social networks, who want to engage not only in the network of subscribers in social networks, but also to generate quality content that will promote products. You can freely manage your reputation and advertising company, and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Skills acquired at the courses

The courses of our Science Park are aimed at the practical application of knowledge, therefore we will teach you:
- the correct positioning of the brand;
- development of strategy for promotion in social media;
- analysis of competitors strategy;
- determining the target audience and submitting the correct targeting advertisement;
- generation of content based on the analysis;

Our course is divided into several parts, to improve perceptions. Therefore, in the first part of the training, you will study the theoretical knowledge associated with the formation of the semantic core. Then there is a process for familiarizing with social networks. Teachers will teach you to create business pages on Facebook and Instagram sites, which are the most popular social networks at the moment.

Course program


1. Types of customers.

2. Organization of the company.

3. How to work with them?

Start on Facebook

1. Page or group?

2. Your goals.

3. Nuances.

4. "DIY".

Start in Instagram

1. Business.

2. Parameters of analysis.

3. "DIY".

Filling in Facebook

1. Important parameters.

2. Tools.

3. "DIY".

Filling in Instagram

1. Formation of the UTP.

2. Style.

3. Uniqueness.

4. Nuances.

5. Tools for SM Smarter.

6. "DIY".


1. Analysis of the advertising cabinet.

2. Goals.

3. Targeting.

4. FB rules.

Тінь Instagram & Mustfollowing

1. Instagram Nuances.

2. Anti BAN.

3. Tools for mastophola.

4. "DIY".

Shadow Facebook

1. Thank you, Mark! (analysis of the important nuances of FB).

How to write a text?

1. Model AIDA.

2. The text that sells.

3. Neuro-copywriting.

4. Test (practice).

Secret tools

1. Garden of Eden for SMM (detailed analysis of tools for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail).

SMM-developer vs customer

1. Formation of the project.

2. Company analysis.

3. Competitors analysis.

4. Recommendations.

5. A budget miscalculation.


1. Issuance of individual projects for students.

2. Drafting (Practical lesson).

Creative solutions

1. More than SMM (Cases).

Creating your own project

1. Control projects

2. Test

Teacher of the course

Popular destinations

Work with popular social networks You will learn how to properly distribute the budget, get free logins in Instagram, learn algorithms for targeting ads in various social networks and the main content requirements.