COURSE START 09/09/2019
Days: Monday, Thursday 18:00-20:00
Left places: 15 of 15
2000 uah/month
Duration 2 month

What awaits you on the course?

SEO promotion courses in Science Park

Science Park «Synergy» offers a course on SEO, which allows you to obtain the necessary knowledge in the field of website promotion.
Advertising on the Internet requires understanding of the principles of indexing by different search engines. Experienced educators will help you to master SEO promotion, including advanced methods for analyzing Web-resources. During the learning process, SEO marketing is being studied, which involves creating and maintaining advertising campaigns as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the site.

For whom it is necessary to study the SЕО promotion

Almost every Web-resource requires specialized advertising on the Internet. Studying site promotion is worth a whole host of reasons. SEO technologies apply to both start-up sites and popular online stores, blogs, and other portals. SEO is a set of activities aimed at promoting the site in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Mail, Yahoo, Bing and others. SEO optimization is currently the most effective way of promoting websites. Optimization of layout and code of the Internet resource significantly improves the design and content that affects the attractiveness of the site for visitors. Also, site promotion includes increased conversions, namely, the sale of products or services of the enterprise.

Advantages of applying methods SЕО

Modern SEO site promotion is determined by 2 basic subdivisions: internal and external. The first takes into account the content of the site in the form of texts, photos and media content. SEO site optimization converts each page, making it more readable and viewable. It also helps boost download speeds. External promotion of the site: advertising is aimed at increasing the citation by third-party web-portals, while taking into account their credibility and reputation in the media space.

Course program

Module 1

1. Introduction to SEO. Concept of traffic, traffic source, advertising channels for attracting traffic. Basic concepts of Internet marketing and SEO, slang terminology.

2. Formation of the semantic core. Testing on knowledge and understanding of basic terminology.

3. Formation of searches, search of keywords for promotion. Step-by-step schematic drawing of the semantic core. Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

4. Working with text content. The Importance of Content for Search Engine Optimization (Concept of SEO Text, LSI Text, Copywritt / Rewrite). Requirements for text content (Structure, html-markup, density, respawn).

5. Basics of internal SEO optimization site. The role of Meta data in the promotion. The role of internal linking on the site: tools and schemes. The role of bread crumbs and humanoid URL.

6. Install Webmaster Tools. A hands-on Google Search Console.

7. Installing and configuring webmasters.

8. Website management systems. Review, features, practice.

Module 2

1. Site management systems. Generate robots.txt. Creating a sitemap (.xml, .html, working with screaming frog SEO tools).

2. Installing and configuring analytics systems. Overview of the Google Tag Manager marketing tool. Overview of popular web analytics services: Google Analytics. Goal setting.

3. Conducting SEO-audit site. Browse services to collect information about the site. Analysis of traffic sources: review and sources, SEO-traffic analysis, and more. Google Page Speed ​​Insight site analysis. Analysis of sites for competitive advantages.

4. External site optimization: basics, terminology, review. Ranking of links and hyper links, types of links and their values. Budget-free promotion (catalogs, social tabs, bulletin boards). Ways to speed up indexing of links.

5. External site optimization: search engine sanctions. The main types of search engine filters. Algorithm of actions when deducing a site from under the filter.

6. External optimization of the site: work with paid links. Progress through automatic aggregators. Overview of aggregators, advantages and disadvantages of the most well-known. Create a project on an example Serpstat service.

7. External site optimization: practical work with the Miralinks Exchange.

Teacher of the course

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Why do you need to study an SEO. Seo courses provide great knowledge in the field of search engine promotion. A well-tuned search engine promotion allows you to take upper lines in issuance when a user enters a relevant query. A specialist who has passed seo training, much more effectively improves the position of the Internet resource in the issuance of search engines. As the promotion of the site seo is accomplished by creating unique and useful content, as well as adapting usability to various browsers, screen extensions and other options. Promotion of the site contributes to the growth of the number of readers and buyers, and as a consequence, increases in profits. Studying seo website promotion will help expand the luggage of knowledge, and become an effective IT specialist.