COURSE START 05/04/2021
Days: Mon, Wed - 19:00 - 21:00
Left places: 12 of 15
2800 uah/month
Duration 3 month

What awaits you on the course?

C# Developer

A practical 3-month course for those who want to master a programming language with a mentor and put the first desktop application in their portfolio

Course program

Module 1:

1. Introduction to .NET. Basic concepts. CLR, CTS, CLS.
     2. Familiarity with the Visual Studio development environment. The structure of a simple program.
     3. Basic data types. Work with variables and strings.
     4. Implicit typing. Conditional statements. Cycles.
     5. Methods. Method Parameters Arrays
     6. Classes, structures, enumerations. Referential and significant types. Nullable types.
     7. Introduction to OOP. Encapsulation.
     8. Introduction to OOP. Inheritance, polymorphism.

Module 2:

1. Exceptions. Exception Handling. The try catch finally construct.
     2. Interfaces. Abstraction.
     3. Abstract classes, methods. Work with abstract methods.
     4. Basic collections in C #.
     5. Events, delegates, lambda expressions.
     6. Indexers, method overloading, anonymous types.
     7. Generalized classes and methods.
     8. Extension methods.

Module 3:

1. LINQ.
     2. Garbage collection.
     3. Assemblies in .NET.
     4. Reflection. Dynamic types.
     5. Work with streams.
     6. Asynchronous methods.
     7. Work with files.

The course is ideal for those who always wanted to program, but put off “for later”. You will have the opportunity to quickly start: master the language and tools of the Microsoft platform, learn to think in abstract-spatial categories, consciously write code with an understanding of the role of its environment, elements and syntax. Novice programmers For those who already have experience working with structural data and knowledge in theory, but want to try their hand at business. The course will help in practice, line by line, to master the basic elements and syntax of C #, understand the logic of writing code and learn how to develop applications for any platform and OS.

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