COURSE START 11/10/2021
Days: Mon, Wed, 19:00-21:00
Left places: 14 of 15
2800 uah/month
Duration 3 month

What awaits you on the course?

Who created this course and what are its goals?

In this course, you will consider all areas of application of the JavaScript language and learn how to use it in high-quality programming of WEB-pages. The purpose of the course is to teach JavaScript programming and prepare you as a specialist who will be ready to start work after the end of the course. React programming courses will teach you how to create medium-level scripts that will create interactively on web pages. The entire training program is tied to pressing problems and how to solve them. You will learn how to create an excellent user interface that is intuitive for any user of the page.

Course program

1st month

1. Introduction to React. create-react-app.
2. Typical React application, Virtual DOM, JSX.
3. Conditional constructions in JSX.
4. Stylization of components.
5. SASS in create-react-app, a review of the webpack collector.
6. Event handlers onClick, onFocus, etc.
7. Lifecycle methods in React.
8. Work with the server. Async await function.

2nd month

9. Stateful components. React dev tools.
10. Code reuse: inheritance, decorators.
11. Animations in React, CSSTransitionGroup.
12. Working with forms in React.
13. Work with the server in React.
14. Optimization of React applications.
15. Features of Redux. React + Redux Bundle.
16. Memoized selectors selectlect.

3rd month

17. Using redux-thunk, async actions.
18. Using react-router.
19. Using Redux-forms.
20. Redux Optimization.
21. Higher Order Components.
22. React Hooks.
23. React context. React fragments.
24. Testing components using Jest.

What knowledge will you have at the end of the course? This course is perfect for advanced WEB developers who want to try themselves in this direction. It is worth noting that before starting the course you must have knowledge of HTML / CSS in order to have an idea of page layout. React courses in Kharkov will help you learn a new profession and will give you real experience working with WEB-sites, which many customers on freelance exchanges so need.

Teacher of the course

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