Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

COURSE START 15/06/2022
Days: Tue, Thu, 18:00-20:00
Left places: 5 of 15
2000 uah/month
Duration 3 month

What awaits you on the course?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of all possible digital means to attract customers, brand promotion, etc. These channels can be SEO, SMM, Email, PPC and others.

For what? And to whom?

Digital marketing is required for:

Brand promotion;
Attracting customers to online business (online shopping, online education, various services)
Increasing offline sales;
Traditional and online marketers.

Why is this needed?

You need to take courses for several reasons. Many will be right if they say that most of the information is on the Internet. So it is true. But in courses this information is given in a structured form, using an example. During the training you will be shown how to use all this in practice.

Course program

Digital Marketing Basics and Introduction

What it consists of, main concepts, terms, basis.
SEO - website optimization for search engines
PPC - contextual advertising (for money) in search engines and other sites
Email - sending letters to clients and not only
SMM - creation and work + advertising with all social networks
Video Production - creating video content and launching video ads

Website creation and optimization

Who creates the sites, who monitors the work, how the content is made, the content of the site.
What is a CMS and what does it eat)

Ranking Factors and Site Audit

How is a site audit conducted, what ranking factors are there in SEO, the structure of ranking factors

Practice No. 1 Analytics and Ranking Factors

Webmaster Google (Search Console)
Google analitycs
Yandex Metrika
Yandex Webmaster
Screaming frog
Rds bar
Open SEO Stats

Reports and Analytics

Types of reports, what to focus on, report structure:
What has been done in the last month ?;
Monthly tracking of indicators;
Organic search;
Content development and landing page optimization;
Key Visibility Rating;
Next month action plan.

External website optimization

Types of links, working with exchanges, how is the purchase of links and compiling a link kernel.
Writing TK for an article on the site under the links
Content creation (selection of Anchors, and types of links)
Donor selection.
Buying links on the exchange

Semantic core

Keyword preparation and collection
Work with advanced services and their analysis
Key collector
Yandex Wordstat
Google adwords

Practice No. 2 Work with Semantics

Analysis of the program Key Collector. The collection and clustering of semantics. Complete practical guidance and the creation of a semantic core!

What you get: After completing the Digital Marketing Course, you will be able to quickly develop, test and implement marketing solutions effectively. The main objective of the Digital Marketing course is to gain key background knowledge. Also, you will gain very important skills on how to create and launch the right strategy for a particular company. Familiarize yourself with and learn how to use the entire digital marketing toolkit. Namely: each tool individually and the whole set for efficiency. Coming up with Digital Marketing courses will help you understand the channels of communication and what to expect from an activity. That is, track the result and quickly adjust the direction. In conclusion, Trends are changing rapidly. And to determine promising directions in the near future is the task of the marketer. And the promised cherry on the cake. Digital Marketing – the manager in Kharkiv receives from 15 000 hryvnias a month, and abroad – from $ 70 000 a year. The average salary of the Head of Digital Marketing department in the capital starts from 25 000 UAH.

Teacher of the course

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