COURSE START 19/04/2021
Days: Tue, Thu, 18:00 - 20:00
Left places: 9 of 15
2500 uah/month
Duration 3 month

What awaits you on the course?

Why beginner visualization training courses on 3D-Max

3D-Max is a program that allows you to implement the most ambitious projects of web designers. 3D courses will help you learn how to use it perfectly. Any designer will be able to professionally use the platform to create 3D graphics. It will allow to visualize interiors, architectural projects, create special effects and other content.

Web design courses will help you learn how to use such a versatile tool as 3D-Max. He is able to realize all the ideas of the authors. It can be the development of computer games, movies and video content programs. It is also used to create projects in engineering design and design.

As a result of web design training, each student will receive a significant amount of knowledge that they can use in practice. He will know the principle of 3D modeling from the inside. It will also be able to build animation models and perform rendering. Visualization is a visualization of a project that was obtained with 3D-Max.

How courses are delivered and what students will receive on the way out

The primary objective of web design courses is to provide theory. Teachers first introduce students to the program. Next is the process of immersing yourself in a 3D-rendering environment with practical tasks. This will allow students to train their skills and save the best work for a future portfolio. Thus, students get rich practice. A well-developed portfolio and acquired skills will make it easy to find customers or get a good job.

Students will gain the following knowledge from 3D-Max:

Understanding the principles of the program.
Work in the program using all the secret chips and tricks.
Free orientation for animation, modeling, shadowing, and more.
Creating commercials for advertising business and presentations.

Course program

Module 1. 3D-Max for designers

• Introduction to 3D-Max
• Create simple objects
• Object management
• Object modeling
• Stages of working with a design project in 3ds Max. • Building a room plan
• Create 3D space in 3ds Max
• Adding interior design to the project
• An overview of modeling techniques for complex objects

Module 2. Practice with V-Ray and Corona

• Differences and visualization features in V-Ray and Corona
• Lighting
• V-Ray and Corona settings
• Exterior visualization
• Work with complex scenes
• Transition from V-Ray rendering to Corona rendering

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(UA) Модуль 4

(UA) Модуль 5

(UA) Модуль 6

For clarity, the following professional areas are used where the program is used: Creating design projects in architecture and interior design. Advertising and television. Graphics and special effects in cinema. Computer animation. Computer games.

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